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Working in healthcare, I’ve seen the system up close and personal - especially during COVID. I believe access to quality, affordable healthcare is a basic right as an American. However, our current system is not what I would classify as affordable, and it’s not working when people—even those with health insurance— delay necessary medical treatment because deductibles are too high, they have no options for co-pays, or they have a pre-existing condition. No one should have to choose between paying for healthcare or paying for other essentials such as groceries or rent. Unfortunately, too many people are having to do just that, and delaying their care is only making them more ill. I’ll work to reform healthcare so that we have a more equitable system that meets the needs of more Arkansans.



I've been a classroom teacher and a coach. My mom was a teacher and my dad was a coach. I’m a big proponent of our public education system, and I want Congress to step up and invest in our public schools at levels worthy of our children and their futures. Our schools need more money to create more opportunities for our kids, like STEM classes and vocational training that provide a pathway to a job that sustains a family. Students who graduate from high school should have access to higher education that doesn't put them in a lifetime of debt. Trade school, tech school, or a bachelor's degree should be opportunities open to every student with the capacity to succeed.



We live in one of the fastest growing regions in the country here in Northwest Arkansas – a region with plentiful opportunity, well paying jobs, and a haven for entrepreneurs. To fully realize our economic potential, we need to invest more in our workers, so they can participate in the economy. I support increasing the federal minimum wage and for training workers to be prepared for the higher-skilled jobs of the future, including in information technology.

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